Within the intricate tapestry of the business realm, where strategy and synergy are paramount, Virtue Partners stands out for its collaboration, trust, and enduring camaraderie. As the Chief Executive Officer, I frequently navigate a dynamic expedition, challenging the prevailing belief that businesses led by friends are inherently prone to collapse under the strain of disagreements and setbacks. On the contrary, as Virtue Partners shows, it can be an ongoing source of motivation.

Virtue Partners Singapore, founded nine years ago by Mr. Shaye Chin, has become a beacon of success in the high-net-worth community in Singapore, with our suite of strategic partners and resource partners, we’ve crafted a unique position, consistently enhancing the wealth of some of the most illustrious people in industry and commerce. We count top executives and business owners among our pool of over 300 clients.

In April 2021, Mr. Chin extended his vision to Vietnam, bringing Mr. Edwin Yeo and myself onboard as Founding Executives of Virtue Partners Vietnam. We then went on to bring other talented individuals, who are part of the bigger Virtue Group family (and subsidiaries), into the fold of our company.

At the core of Virtue Partners Vietnam is a dynamic trio of leaders—Mr. Chin, CEO Virtue Group; Mr. Yeo, COO Virtue Vietnam; and myself as CEO Virtue Vietnam.

The Five Pillars of Virtue Partner’s Success 

1. Trust as the Cornerstone

Trust is not merely a concept; it is the very foundation upon which Virtue Partners was built. Mr. Chin, my high school classmate at Catholic Junior College, exemplifies trust. His unwavering confidence and support form the bedrock of our operations, allowing me the freedom to lead while remaining loyal to the overarching vision of our Headquarters in Singapore. In return, I have relied more times than once on his business acumen in building a successful business group as I navigate my journey in Vietnam.

2. Complementary Skills for Strategic Synergy 

Mr. Yeo’s expertise in operational matters, coupled with my finance background, creates a well-rounded approach to managing Virtue Partners Vietnam. At times, if we find ourselves at opposite ends of an idea, Mr. Chin will step in to provide perspective, and we can formulate a compromise in the best interest of everyone.

3. Harmonizing Disagreements for Growth 

Disagreements are a natural part of any business, but at Virtue Partners, we’ve mastered the art of harmonizing differences. The ability to leave disagreements at the boardroom door ensures that our professional decisions do not overshadow the camaraderie that fuels our success.

4. Genuine Camaraderie Beyond the Boardroom 

Our gatherings for drinks extend beyond mere business discussions. These moments of shared laughter and relaxation contribute to a positive work environment, fostering creativity and innovation.

5. Resilience Born from Shared Backgrounds:

The shared backgrounds of our parents’ business failures and hardships have not been a deterrent but a source of resilience. As we continue to advise on assets across the Asia Pacific Region, Virtue Partners stands as an ongoing example of how friendship can be a powerful force in the realm of business.

My journey, since 2008, through the intricacies of the Finance Industry in Singapore has equipped me with a wealth of experience that I bring to Virtue Partners. I’ve held pivotal roles in leadership, including Head of Recruitment, Head of Healthcare Services, and previously as the Managing Partner, Head of Private Wealth Office, within one of Asia’s largest and most established financial services organizations. Simultaneously, military service as a Brigade Warrant Officer in an Elite Heliborne Infantry Brigade in the Singapore Armed Forces served to develop my discipline and strategic acumen. Beyond Virtue Partners Vietnam, I serve on the Singapore Chamber of Commerce Vietnam’s Executive Committee, focusing on fostering positive business relations. As a member of the Business Executive Network, I’ve gained valuable insights and formed significant friendships, enriching my growth as a foreign market business leader.

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