By Carsten Ley

In recent years, starting in the e-commerce and tech sectors, organizations have been giving a greater focus to the overall experience of their customers and are starting to invest in their own customer experience initiatives.

What is Customer Experience

Customer Experience (CX) is making sure the end-to-end experience of your clients is satisfactory so they are willing to repurchase your products or services or recommend them to their peers.

Where to Start

A CX project can map the end-to-end customer journey and make sure that all touchpoints on the way are aligned.

A Customer Experience Management Cycle should include four process stages:

  • Gather feedback and data about customer behavior
  • Consolidate all information and prioritize the top customer issues to solve
  • Run pilot projects to improve CX such as customer service scripts and landing page information
  • Verify the actions implemented are accepted by customers

What skills are needed

CX can start with one person who has experience in any front-end department, shows empathy towards customers, and possesses project management skills. More sophisticated research and communication skills can come later.

What actions will be taken

The CX team should act like an internal advocate for customers. The team will analyze all the feedback data and propose actions or pilot projects to eliminate pain points for the customer.

Is a CX Program Measurable

In the short-term, customer experience could be measured by eliminating the top 5 to 10 pain points on the customer journey. However, CX should be a continuous improvement program that is measured in the mid-term by customer satisfaction and by loyalty and recommendations.

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