Workplace paradigms are consistently changing, and workplace strategies do not look like they did five or ten years ago. 

A workplace strategy is a thorough plan, developed to optimize workspaces, including considerations around office layout, technology, HR policies, and the needs of employees. An effective strategy will drive productivity, increase collaboration, and enhance employee engagement while helping an organization achieve its purpose and grow.

With a lot to consider, here we outline the key considerations when developing or evolving a workplace strategy.

The Need For A Physical Space – To Move or Refurbish?

Depending on the limitations or potential of an existing workplace, a full relocation might be best. If a company has or is planning to grow substantially, increase headcount, or if the purposes of your workplace are expanding, more space may be needed.

Such a significant undertaking requires careful planning in its own right. Budgeting considerations are critical here, including interior solutions and design, furniture, communication with staff, IT and data servers, and connections. 

It might prove more cost-effective to refurbish an existing space, particularly if the building’s lease isn’t due to expire soon or if the location is ideal for staff and clients. Reconfiguring office space to accommodate growth, or appropriating space for hybrid working, is becoming increasingly popular. Office relocations can also be disruptive, whereas refurbishments can prove more manageable. 

Hybrid And Flexible Working 

Hybrid working has become the most prevalent trend impacting workplace strategy, with new policies developed following pandemic social distancing. Offices need to recreate their spaces so that coming to the office offers something different, and that is a difficult task. Consequently, in a bid to increase employee engagement in a hugely competitive labor market, workplace strategies are changing. As a result, offices have shifted to become more like social hubs; a place for teams to gather regularly and to meet face-to-face, rather than sitting at rows of desks. 


Internationally, organizations are developing strategies to reduce carbon emissions and address wider environmental impacts, such as water consumption, biodiversity, and air pollution. 

Crown Workspace Vietnam has been actively educating clients, supporting them in working towards their net-zero targets. It isn’t easy, and companies might not know where to start, so we always encourage clients to discuss this with us. 

Within workplaces, this may look like using less, sharing more, and confirming materials used have been sourced sustainably and have the potential to be reused, repurposed, or recycled. Crown Workspace Vietnam offers services for reusing or recycling office furniture and IT, reducing waste, and providing cost-effective solutions that companies implementing a refurbishment or move of any nature might benefit from. 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for developing a workplace strategy. If you’re rethinking your workplace setup, we can help guide you through the different steps. Whether looking to relocate or reconfigure space, speak to our experts today or email us at  

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