ESG -short for Environmental, Social, and Governance – is one of the most important principles guiding international investing and corporate behavior. 

It guides companies on metrics and standards including how a company safeguards the environment, how it manages relationships with employees, and measures a company’s leadership and internal controls. 

The real estate developer Norfolk Group places ESG at the core of its operations, with initiatives spread across each aspect of environmental, social, and governance. 

Take for example, the Norfolk-owned Six Senses Con Dao. The company is currently in the process of enrolling in the Global Sustainable Tourism Council’s program, scheduled for completion this year. The resort has also collaborated with the National Park Management Authority to release over 27,000 sea turtle hatchlings since 2018, showcasing its dedication to Con Dao’s biodiversity. The archipelago is a key sea turtle nesting area, home to four species, namely the green sea turtle, hawksbill sea turtle, olive ridley sea turtle, and loggerhead sea turtle. These species are threatened by development and pollution, meaning conservation efforts are vital to their survival. 

Six Senses Con Dao also targets a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from the 2022 baseline through efforts such as an under-construction solar energy system, continued use of eco-friendly construction materials, and advanced water and waste management. 

Under the social metric, the resort creates job opportunities while offering local training, and prioritizing local products. A portion of revenue, meanwhile, goes toward social and environmental causes aligned with the Six Senses Social & Environmental Responsibility Fund. 

Other social and environmental initiatives involve English classes, water purification device donations, and climate change education for local children, along with programs to collect trash from beaches and other natural areas.

Norfolk Group also supports the Luong Van Can Foundation, which facilitates comprehensive self-development at the university and postgraduate levels for young Vietnamese people striving to contribute to their community. The foundation’s objective is to train highly qualified, skilled individuals who can accelerate Vietnam’s socio-economic development. It does this by providing postgraduate scholarships for studying abroad in addition to scholarships to support students with disabilities, in disadvantaged areas, and in remote areas to continue pursuing their education in Vietnam. 

These are just a few examples of how ESG initiatives can help companies like Norfolk Group make a difference in their market.

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