Facilities management companies like RCR Vietnam play a critical role in managing and maintaining an organization’s physical property, such as its mechanical and electrical systems and utilities, as well as meeting its environmental and sustainability goals. Ensuring health and safety requirements are met and offering specialist soft services providers are an additional added value to RCR’s core services.

Full-service delivery, compliance management, and supporting our customers’ values and targets is our promise. When managing the technical engineering working environment, there are numerous priorities to deal with, from ensuring zero interruptions to services and production to cleanliness, security, catering functions, and pest management. These specialist soft services also include improving and increasing the cost-efficiency of the client’s entire business. Facilities Management and engineering outsourcing is a relatively new concept in Vietnam, particularly the latter. In a changing environment, meeting service delivery commitments and compliance are the most important functions for Facilities Management.


RCR Vietnam has exceeded our clients’ expectations for over 10 years here in Vietnam and with a roster of international clients such as Intel, Microsoft, Nokia, Deutsches Haus, RMIT, Cantavil, Terumo, Coats, and many other international and domestic clients.

We have a proven track record of successfully managing all engineering and utilities relating to your property. This means we can manage and execute the operations and maintenance of all services, such as; Electrical systems, Mechanical systems, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning), Process Water, Waste Water (and Treatment), Asset Analysis, Fire Suppression and Protection, Critical Asset Management (CEM), Energy and Sustainability Programs, Life Cycle Asset Management and Minor Capital Works.

The effective management of assets will guarantee that not only will your assets last longer, perform more efficiently and effectively, but will also ensure that your building and property maintains its value; commercial and residential buildings particularly are only as valuable as the critical assets within them; failure to properly maintain the key mechanical and electrical assets will greatly reduce the book value of your buildings and properties. The key is to increase asset value and ensure that your assets are well maintained, professionally managed and documented accordingly.

Engineering FM outsourcing removes the requirement of having to employ specialists and/or having to deal with various individual technical contractors and the issues with which that brings, such as time delays, third-party contracts, sourcing new suppliers, corruption relating to new suppliers and pricing issues. Our clients benefit from having a Facilities Management partner who consolidates these risks and manages them to ensure that our clients receive the best services, either directly from RCR engineers, or from our pre-vetted preferred partners or sub-contractors.

Through the use of our extensive processes and procedures, RCR Vietnam has built a fully comprehensive asset management system, including correct preventative maintenance, systemic testing and data collation and a full root cause analysis. This preventative maintenance reduces the risk of failure and, in turn, reduces the need to replace expensive parts, service delays, or even a complete shutdown. By implementing the RCR Asset Management system, our existing customers have saved millions of dollars through reduced equipment replacement and fixing.

Through our Compliance Management program, RCR will deliver a fully compliant plant and equipment operations and maintenance service as per the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) recommendations. RCR Vietnam will manage all of your assets, not just the physical asset, but also the existing warranty and service contracts, as well as ensuring any OEM service level agreements are executed as per the original agreements.


RCR Vietnam focuses on several core ideologies: data-driven decision making, information transparency, quality of service and providing a sustainable solution to Engineering Facilities Management. Through our internal training and national skill-sharing program, our staff can complete the work of sub-contractors to a better standard, with more transparent results and at a lower cost to our clients. Additionally, through our Energy Management Programs, we use data-driven analysis and adopt new technologies and solutions to meet our clients’ energy-saving goals.

Our on-site management also includes daily monitoring and implementing environmentally friendly initiatives such as controlling waste management and optimizing the recycling process to minimize energy consumption and the handling of hazardous materials.

RCR’s corporate values and policies strongly reflect our environmental awareness and we support our staff becoming certified professionals in programs and energy audits.


We work closely with our clients to produce the very best processes and procedures using our RCR knowledge base, our client’s existing documentation as well as the standards set forth by any underpinning standards, such as ISO, FDA, or BSI.

At the heart of our safety program is our vision “to achieve zero incidents and injuries”. RCR has achieved nearly three million safe man-hours without incident in Vietnam since 2010. Furthermore, we work closely with our clients to ensure all external audits are completed and passed without fail or NCs (non-compliance).

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