Hoa Binh Province, adjacent to Hanoi, has unveiled an ambitious vision: to establish itself as Vietnam’s premier “golf capital” by the year 2050. Currently, the province is home to two operational golf courses, with approvals in principle granted for an additional three.

The detailed plan reveals more: 16 additional courses, occupying over 1,700 hectares, are in the development pipeline. The long-term vision includes the establishment of 38 distinct golf courses across Hoa Binh Province by 2050. However, the provincial authorities are planning for these courses to be more than just venues for golf; they are looking at integrated resorts that offer additional entertainment services to attract both domestic and international tourists.

To complement these leisure spaces, property development projects are also planned in proximity to these golf courses, creating opportunities for residential and commercial investments. Moreover, diverse golfing experiences, including sand and water golf courses, are being considered to further enrich the offerings.

Notably, Hoa Binh is not alone in this venture, as Vinh Phuc Province has also announced its intention to develop 40 golf and related projects by the same timeline. As these plans unfold, they signify a broader trend towards leveraging golf tourism as a key component of regional economic development in Vietnam.

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