By Kelly Vo

Purpose is a powerful force. A company with a strong purpose not only attracts but also maintains a loyal relationship with employees and customers. However, communicating your company’s purpose is more than just putting out a few inspirational words, motivational talks, or branding messages. Even a company with high social responsibility awareness can fall into a trap of hollow communication without a concrete message about the company’s purpose.

Authentic storytelling can be a solution. People need stories; we appreciate the facts, but stories move us. Stories define who we are and what we aspire to become. When your company shifts to tell stories behind its daily operation, what you care about beyond the profit, it allows people to understand the DNA of your company and why they want to support it.

Oftentimes, people don’t care what you say you are, but more about what others say about you. When you invest in your employees and the community, they will talk about you to others. And when you capture these stories, it will make a significant difference in how others perceive your company. For example, instead of putting a lot of money into traditional marketing messages, why not invest in your employees, a cause, an NGO, a community that you care about, and let them talk about their experience and their feelings around your company. Put them at the center of the story; they are the hero of their own stories, and you are the brand that made it possible.

This approach creates an authentic message about your company and why they think it matters. It helps enhance your company’s credibility, build trust, and loyalty with your stakeholders.

Credibility is when others talk about your company. So, the next time you want to communicate your message, think about who could help convey the message even better than you, provide the support and let them tell that story.

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