LMP (www.lmpdesign.vn) is one of the leading prestigious design and construction companies in Vietnam founded through a combined love and passion for beauty by a group of talented and experienced architects. We want to bring unique architectural ideas to create a comfortable, friendly, and peaceful living space for our clients. LMP always focuses on research and cooperation between disciplines in the industry, such as architecture, structure, and MEP. What differentiates LMP in design products is that there are no errors between design disciplines. During the operation process, LMP always optimizes the working process and trains the team to bring quality work to every client.

We are well aware of the importance of maintaining credibility in all of our activities. In order to do that, LMP focuses on creativity in architectural ideas, while ensuring aesthetic principles and applying them well in the actual operation of the building. With LMP, it is a process made with love and ambition. LMP especially prioritizes the accuracy and working progress because that is what our clients demand. In addition, the quality of the works is a top factor that LMP pays special attention to: always complying with specialized codes and standards of the industry. We are constantly learning and developing to create optimal design and construction solutions to ensure project quality and client satisfaction.

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