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Dr. Ramesh Ramachandra is the Founder and Managing Director of Talent Leadership Crucible (TLC), a consultancy in Singapore specializing in corporate culture transformation and leadership development. She holds a Doctorate in Business Administration from Singapore Management University and an MBA from Monash University. She is also co-founder of Impact Velocity, an aggregator of impact resources and projects on People Development, Planet Renewal, and Prosperity Sharing.  

Dr Ramesh’s key expertise is in family business conflict resolution, succession planning, and entrepreneurial leadership development.

She is also recognized for empowering women and fostering entrepreneurship. Asia Week and the Commonwealth Secretariat have highlighted Dr. Ramesh as an influential women entrepreneur and leader. As a UNDP/UNIFEM consultant, she worked on a gendered enterprise project in North Korea.  In the past three decades, Dr. Ramesh has raised venture capital, managed mergers, overseen public offerings, and handled business liquidations. 

Her Vietnamese-translated book, “The Big Jump into Entrepreneurship,” decodes the entrepreneurial mindset and guides readers through the entrepreneurial skills and steps required in today’s digital age.

Dr. Ramesh Ramachandra
Founder and Managing Director
Talent Leadership Crucible Pte. Ltd (TLC) https:\\ Mobile: +6596975572

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