CEO – ECO Vietnam Investment Development JSC (ECO VIETNAM)

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Upon graduating in 2005, instead of taking a job offered to her by the government, Huyen jumped on a train to Ho Chi Minh City with the hopes of developing her career.

Being born to a military family in Northern Vietnam’s Tuyen Quang province, meant growing up in an army compound with barriers all around the small valley. The valley was lovely, but Huyen always wanted to explore the outside world. She left home at the age of 14 for boarding school in Tuyen Quang town. When the time came to go to university, she moved to Hanoi to complete her studies as an IT engineer.

Now, after more than 13 years working as a Chief Representative of Vietnam for GUNNEBO, a leading global group in high-security equipment, she has significant experience in developing and introducing new products and solutions into the Vietnamese market. When she left GUNNEBO, she focused on studying and researching waste management and recycling in Vietnam. She soon realized that food waste is the main reason for other waste products not being recycled properly due to substance mixing. Huyen decided to combine her passion for social and environmental betterment with her professional experience. She founded ECO Vietnam in January 2021 to lead the change in creating closed-loop cycles for Food Waste at the source.

Leading a pioneer Startup in a local market with a young team, Huyen sees the value of being a part of the Business Executive Network. Within the network, not only can she learn from experienced leaders to help her grow her business and build up her team, but also share her passion for raising awareness about Waste Management in Vietnam with other leaders and innovators. [C]

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