Loan Luong is a cultured professional with over 20 years’ experience within FMCG and specialty store brand distribution. She is a respected leader who is enthusiastic about empowering and motivating her employees.

Loan is currently the Managing Director for Aria Cosmetics. With subsidiaries in Vietnam, Dubai, and Malaysia, she supports a comprehensive international operation of 10 high-quality mass-market brands for both female and male consumers that include L’evinia and XXIS.

Loan told us that in her spare time she enjoys hosting dinner parties and enjoying good food and wine with her close friends. She also enjoys traveling and playing golf.

Having joined the Network this year, Loan told us that she finds the overall community to be open-minded, relaxing, and welcoming in all discussions about business and business opportunities. She said that she feels comfortable in sharing, and at the same time, receiving advice and that she feels members genuinely want to help.

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