Michael Sakkers started Rooster Beers singlehandedly from his living room, in the home he helped build in Can Gio. He made the equipment, he brewed the beer, delivered it and would “shed a tear” whenever he would lose a batch. Like most entrepreneurs, he began with little to no experience. However, he feels that passion and follow-through are more than enough for someone to learn what they need to succeed, with a little help along the way, of course:

“The Business Executive Network has been extremely helpful for a creative like myself. I have found others able to help my business with their businesses. I have found friends, partners, and mentors. As someone that started from nothing, moving to something significant, the Network has been critical in my growth. I wholeheartedly recommend membership to this exceptional community. What is the key to succeeding in your journey? Find others that have already excelled at what you desire. This is what you will find here.”

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