Sophie Lien Dinh

CEO, Co-Founder & Entrepreneur

Member Since 2020

Sophie, raised in a small town 30km north of Hanoi, is a purposeful entrepreneur whose ultimate goal is to create sustainable development and social impact on a large scale through exciting succession plans.

Professionally, she has 16 years of experience in startups, branding, and event planning around Asia, and currently co-owns and operates two companies: EDEEC, the leading Green and Energy Efficient Building Design consulting firm in Vietnam, and MARKE360, a 4-branch marketing agency in Southeast Asia. Her next startup is an innovative solution for a better world where purpose and people are the main focus.

Sophie shared that she was once a little girl who always dreamed big dreams beyond her tiny reach in the barriers of an old, prejudiced rural mindset, lack of money, and proper support of the people around. The further she goes, the more she understands the value of leadership and kindness as indispensable for any individual and organization to achieve sustainable success, which she says is something generously available in the Business Executive Network community, where she finds quality professional connections and valuable friendships.

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