General Director – Kirby Building Systems

Member Since 2022

Thian Aun Goh is an experienced General Director at Kirby Building Systems Southeast Asia – a group company of Alghanim Industries. As of 2023, Thian has over 15 years of P&L leadership, managing teams across China and Southeast Asia, and 27 years of experience in engineering, building materials, manufacturing, and construction, Thian is a highly skilled professional civil engineer who can converse fluently in Cantonese, Mandarin, Malay, Indonesian, and English. His professional attributes include managing business across different regions and cultures and building high-performing teams. In his personal life, he enjoys cycling, running, swimming, golf, scuba diving, and exploring the culinary scene through his passion for foodie travels. He is also learning Vietnamese as his next language. Thian is a family man, with a wife and three children.

Living in Vietnam since December 2021, Thian has a fresh perspective on the country’s potential for growth and development, which he believes will become the next star in Southeast Asia. He feels that navigating change in uncertain times in Vietnam requires a combination of resilience, adaptability, and an open mindset. The dynamic and rapidly evolving nature of the country calls for a flexible approach to change. Firstly, it is essential to stay informed about the local context and any updates or regulations that may impact your business. Keeping up with news and official announcements can help in making informed decisions and staying prepared.

Secondly, cultivating a spirit of adaptability is crucial. Being open to new ways of doing things and embracing the local culture and customs can ease the transition and help build relationships with the community. Additionally, seeking support from local networks, such as friends, colleagues, or expatriate communities, can provide valuable insights and assistance during times of change. Lastly, maintaining a positive mindset and focusing on the opportunities that change brings can help navigate uncertainty with optimism.

By approaching change as an opportunity for growth and embracing the unique experiences that Vietnam has to offer, individuals can effectively navigate change in uncertain times and thrive in this environment.

As a member of the Business Executive Network, Thian Aun enjoys learning from other business leaders and exchanging business ideas. He believes that the network provides valuable opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals and expand his knowledge and skills. [C]

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