Ian Donlan hails from Australia and possesses over 28 years of in-depth experience in the construction industry. Ian is no stranger to change. He spent nearly 20 years in Asia, Singapore and Shanghai, before relocating to Vietnam in 2018 as the Managing Principal of B+H Vietnam Studio, while continuing to oversee B+H’s operations as the Director of Practice, Asia. Ian has fallen in love with his new city, complete with its many cultural specificities and historical destinations.

When asked to pick any two people he’d like to have lunch with, he named Muhammad Ali and Lance Armstrong. In fact, if he hadn’t taken the route of becoming an architect, he would have become a professional sportsman. What he enjoys most in his work is developing and encouraging his younger staff as he plays a key role in effective resource management.

“The Business Executive Network has been the best professional networking group of which I’ve had the pleasure of being a member,” Ian says. “I have made excellent contacts with the business community in HCMC and gained an enormous amount of knowledge from other members in networking sessions.”

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