Country Manager – Emirates 

Member Since 2024

Over his eight years at Emirates, Majid AL Falasi has amassed considerable expertise in the market understanding of the aviation sector. Known for his skills in relationship building and leadership, he aims to enhance customer experience and revenue at Emirates by expanding routes, boosting passenger and cargo traffic, and fostering partnerships in Vietnam to solidify Emirates’ market dominance.

Equipped with a bachelor’s degree in Finance & Accounting from Zayed University and a certificate from the Leader’s Training Centre of Emirates, Majid has cultivated strong leadership skills through self-reflec – tion, experiential learning, soliciting feedback, and investing in professional development opportunities. His thorough understanding of the aviation sector, including its structure, dynamics, industry trends, challenges, and opportunities, is invaluable in his current role.

Majid has lived in Vietnam for eight months. He appreciates the mix of cultural experiences, job opportunities, and the relatively affordable cost of living in the country. Particularly noteworthy is the renowned Vietnamese cuisine, celebrated for its flavors, freshness, and variety. He enjoys indulging in authentic dishes like pho, banh mi, spring rolls, and countless other local specialties. Exploring the vibrant street food scene is also a highlight.

Majid harbors an interest in traveling and immersing himself in different cultures. Exploring new destinations, experiencing local traditions, and sampling diverse cuisines allow him to broaden his horizons and deepen his appreciation for the world. In addition, he values his time with his family, cherishing moments shared experiencing new things, and spending time together outdoors.

One of the aspects Majid enjoys most about being a member of the Business Executive Network is the opportunity for collaboration and knowledge sharing. Being part of this network allows him to connect with like-minded professionals in the business industry who share common goals and challenges, providing a platform for exchanging ideas, insights, and best practices. Majid hopes these valuable networking opportunities will lead to mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborations in the future. 

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