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Vietnam’s economy is projected to be the 20th largest in the world in the next couple of years, which will also place Vietnam third among Southeast Asia’s top economies. Vietnam has a population of 98 million people and is strategically placed through rising consumer demand and increased disposable income, good government control, better policies as well as advantageous Trade Agreements, all of which is attracting investors.

Below is some general advice for investing in Vietnam and other countries:

Know your budget

Depending on your expenses, savings and financial responsibilities, ask yourself these questions first:

What is your risk-taking capacity? How much money can you stand to lose if your investment is wiped out?

What would you consider a reward? What timeline are you considering? Don’t leave your financial future to chance – it’s too important.

Prepare for ongoing costs

If you want to invest in income-producing assets, you need to know and generate your running costs.

If you are interested in land but do not want to develop it, you might want to invest your money elsewhere so you can have a more active income.

Seek legal advice

Be aware of the laws in both your home country and the country you want to invest in with regards to property purchases by expats, especially in the areas of taxation, compliance and reporting. To save time and effort, seeking legal advice from a trusted legal agent is a must before spending your money.

Choose growth markets

Research very carefully on what, where and how you want to invest. Vietnam has a stable GDP growth of around 6.5% every year. With a growing and young population, Vietnam has the highest labour force participation rate in Asia but the cost of labour remains cheap compared to other Southeast Asia countries. Additionally, with continually developing infrastructure and the openness for foreign investment, Vietnam is now a leading destination for investors, especially in the real estate sector.

Buy with your head, not your heart, and know your exit strategy

Before investing, do keep in mind the simple economic principle of risk versus reward – any investment that offers very high future rewards to foreign investors likely involves a lot of risk. That’s why you do your research through trusted sources. And if research is not your cup of tea…

Choose the right real estate consultant

At Colliers, we strive for service excellence and pride ourselves on developing strong relationships and loyalty with our clients. What sets us apart is not what we do, but how we do it. Your success is our success; we are dedicated to driving exceptional results with the right property solutions for you, wherever you operate. [C]

For more information, please contact David Jackson – CEO at Colliers by email at or by phone number 028 3827 5565.

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