Clichés usually become so because there is a kernel of truth residing within them. “It’s lonely at the top” is likely a good example. But it does not have to be that way for business leaders who can draw on the wisdom and support of those in similar rarefied positions.

The role of the CEO is often revered and celebrated. Executives fill the covers and pages of esteemed business magazines, and the title “CEO” carries a status and image recognized, celebrated, and sometimes even derided globally.

Leaders operate under the spotlight all the time. We view them as the embodiment of our organisations and businesses, and as a result, we expect them to be in alignment both personally and professionally. But behind the title of every CEO is a person trying to do their best with what they have.

With all that weighs on CEOs, it can be a lonely position at the top. The weight of carrying a business through thick and thin, answering to the demands of a chairman or board, navigating strategy, people, performance, and all the while taking care of themselves can be challenging. Many CEOs in Vietnam are foreigners and must embark on the additional challenge of understanding Vietnam, its people and culture. The constant pressure and responsibility require developing self-awareness and a commitment to personal growth.

Where is it that CEOs freely communicate, share ideas, feelings, and challenges openly without fear of showing weakness or indecision? How do they improve their own engagement, drive, and performance? How can CEOs get connected to some of the leading executives in Vietnam? The answer, for us anyway, has been the Business Executive Network Peer Group.

There is a quote I have learned to love, its simplicity is only matched by its profound implications to business and life. It says, “Alone we go fast, together we go far.” This is the essence of The Peer Group. A place where business meets community in a way that leaves no choice but for attendees to expand their understanding of themselves, their businesses, and their leadership. An environment where sharing is open and encouraged and challenges can be attended to in a way only possible in the company of accomplished, driven, and innovative people who have walked in your shoes, felt your pain and understand your challenges.

Opinions are openly expressed and ideas are nourished in a space built on the pillars of trust, integrity, and respect. No stones needs to be left unturned, and there are no limits to what you can discuss. In the words of the leadership guru Ken Blanchard, “None of us is as smart as all of us.” The Peer Group is a place where problems get transformed into solutions and peers become friends. It’s a familiar environment where leaders meet and the generation of new ideas is abundant. It can be the one idea you didn’t think of, or the one angle you never would have seen. It could be a new connection. It could be an inspiration or a new perspective you desperately needed or words of encouragement you freely give.

I won’t go as far as to suggest the peer group is magic, but it is uniquely special. The right elements of business meet the nature of human emotions. Genuine interest from others in helping you grow and thrive as a leader is coupled with a sense of pride in knowing you helped them do the same. The Peer Group is more than a meeting of like minds. It’s a community built to support you in a network whose sole purpose is to empower leaders to feel, do, and be their best. As a closing to this piece, I am reminded of the words of Henry Ford, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” [C]

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

– Henry Ford –

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