By Tim Bishop, Chairman – Coracle Consulting

Saigon is gearing up to see in the Year of the Water Tiger, and at Coracle Consulting, we find ourselves reflecting on what will be our 11th Tet. On the heels of this protracted pandemic, we are all united in hoping that 2022 will mark a change for the better – whether in our personal lives or our business ones.

The Water Tiger conveniently symbolizes “stability” for business and celebrates “self-esteem.” As business leaders, both of these characteristics are ones to which we aspire. Here in Vietnam, there remain millions of local communities whose livelihoods, self-esteem, and resilience were tested to the max over the past year. In some form or another, many companies are actively involved in supporting these communities through offering dignified employment, responsible supply chain management, or through the sales of their products and services. Many more give charitable donations to various causes, as part of being good corporate citizens.

It is these types of commitments and engagements that the private sector is best placed to lead. The returns not only provide economic opportunities to communities — to suppliers, producers, employees, etc. — but also serve business and market development. Some call this a win-win situation, while others might see it simply as companies doing the right thing. Ultimately, the sustained prosperity of a community will benefit both the private and public sectors. The roles played by each can significantly help shape and define this New Year as a positive transitioning time for Vietnam.

At Coracle Consulting, we specialize in accompanying businesses on their respective journeys through the many facets of sustainability, inclusion, diversity, and responsibility. We tailor our support to ensure more win-win outcomes, aspiring to give voice and self-esteem to communities and to bring about a vibrant and more connected business community.

Connect with us for a free consultation to hear about the different training courses, brokerage services, or strategic insights we can offer you. We’ve partnered with many industries and individual corporations, along with the International Organization for Migration, UNICEF, and some of the world’s largest international NGOs, as part of our ongoing commitment to making business a force for good in the world.

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