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The Business Executive Network (founded in 2017) is an independent and professional network of business leaders with communities in both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

We connect our members and invite them to specialized events to help them grow, build relationships and strive for future successes.


To support our members through their many challenges and support their growth as business leaders as well as individuals.

  • We provide trusted, professionally chaired forums where members can share their pressing challenges and gain insights from one another in confidentiality.
  • We create platforms and content to keep our members connected.
  • We connect members with specialists who can support them with their businesses and careers.

Our values are embedded in the acronym CHARTS

  • Courage
  • Humility
  • Ambition
  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Self-awareness

Our aim is to provide a safe, growth oriented space for executives in Vietnam who are leading local businesses.

  • Establish strong relationships with leaders who are working at the top of their fields
  • Contribute to the success of your peers and receive guidance as you grow as a business leader
  • Be inspired by your peers and use fresh ideas to help your business perform better
  • Develop personally and professionally through peer interactions and the insights of other members
  • Step outside the routine of daily operations to network with likeminded executives
  • Access our forums to keep up to date with local, regional, and global businesses
  • Gain personalised insights and training from facilitated forums
  • Join confidential meetings to share your greatest goals and challenges

The Network hosts a range of high-quality events. Events include but are not limited to facilitated discussions, visits, and presentations that are crafted so that our members can extract the most value from each session.

Peer Group Forums

Members can be assigned to a Peer Group, which are designed to be safe, familiar environments to share challenges, ideas, and to receive advice from your peers. Peer groups meet several times a year and are always chaired by a professional facilitator to optimize the use of time and ensure that all participants get a say in the discussion.

Executive Networking and Social Events

From lunches to canapé gatherings, you can join these social events and invite non-member peers to attend. These sessions are opportunities for members to establish new business relationships and find time to get out of the office and refresh.

Member Hosted Events

Members are welcome to offer their venues to host events throughout the year, such as speaker presentations, peer groups or more. Facilitated Discussions These facilitated sessions cover current trends and involve discussing the most relevant management-related issues at any given time.


Join workshops to hear from specialist trainers and re-explore essential business topics. Participate alongside your peers and support one another in applying what you learn to fit into your business strategy.

Hot Seats

Members have the opportunity to present in ‘Hot Seat’ meetings if requested. Like an interactive case study, this is a chance to present a major challenge or problem you are facing and receive feedback from the pool of expertise among our members.

Members provide their contact details on the strict understanding that they will not be shared with anyone outside the group without their direct permission. Members understand that they do not sell to others in the Network, but interested members are welcome to buy


Membership is $1,950 a year (+VAT). This means having access to all of our events throughout the year.

Applications for membership must be approved by our Chairman, but by general rule of thumb, an executive (CEO, General Manager, Country Manager) in Vietnam with 30+ full time employees are welcome to join. Exceptions to this criterion can apply.

If you are interested in joining or learning more about the benefits of being a Business Executive Network member, please email info@executives.asia or call us at (+84) 706 68 05 01. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Membership Manager & Executive Assistant
If you would like to learn more about our events and membership, or have other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.
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