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Sophie Lien Dinh
CEO - Bright Solutions

“The further I go, the more I understand the value of leadership and kindness as indispensable for any individual and organization to achieve sustainable success, which is something generously available in the Business Executive Network community.”

Simon Pugh
Group Chief Executive Officer - QLM Group

“I see the value in being part of the Business Executive Network because it creates opportunities to connect and share ideas with other business leaders and innovators.”

Ken Atkinson OBE
Founder and Senior Board Adviser - Grant Thornton

“I enjoy being part of the Business Executive Network and the Peer group sessions, which enables the sharing of experiences and being able to add value to discussions. It is great to meet senior business leaders from a number of sectors.”

Ian Donlan
Managing Principal - B+H Architects

“The Business Executive Network has been the best professional networking group of which I’ve had the pleasure of being a member. I have made excellent contacts with the business community in HCMC and gained an enormous amount of knowledge from other members in networking sessions.”

Brad Kelly
CEO - Mercedes-Benz Vietnam

“For me the Business Executive Network is a valuable platform for connecting professionally and socially with senior executives who come from all over the world.”

Andrew Duck
CEO - Guardrails

“The Business Executive Network is a fantastic melting pot of executives across many different industries who spend a lot of time sharing and learning from each other.”

Michael Sakkers
CEO - Rooster Beers

“The Business Executive Network has been extremely helpful for a creative like myself. I have found others able to help my business with their businesses. I have found friends, partners, and mentors. As someone that started from nothing, moving to something significant, the Network has been critical in my growth. I wholeheartedly recommend membership to this exceptional community.”

Huyen Luong
CEO - ECO Vietnam Investment Development

“Leading a pioneer Startup in a local market with a young team, I see the value being a part of the Business Executive Network as not only learning from experienced leaders to help me grow my business and build up my team, but also share with other leaders and innovators about my passion in raising awareness for Waste Management in Vietnam.”

Thian Aun Goh
General Director - Kirby Building Systems

“I enjoy learning from other business leaders and exchanging business ideas. I believe that the Business Executive Network provides valuable opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals and expand my knowledge and skills.”

Boris Vivares
General Manager - Vivablast

“I am very happy to be a member of the Business Executive Network as the chance to connect, exchange creative ideas as well as collaborate with other leaders and organizations for sustainable success.”

Sam Conroy
Country Manager - CEA Projects

“The most important contribution the Business Executive Network offers me is the alternative perspectives people bring based on backgrounds, industry, market etc. It also helps strengthen ideas based on peer level review which is the most independent possible.”

Raymond Haveron
Group President and CEO - IMPAC Group Vietnam

“I wish to further utlise our gatherings and have more constructive “Breakfast or lunch and learns” and continue to widen our experiences and knowledge with positive take aways and goals met. After all, “success is determined by how best you can utlise your time.”

David Jackson
Chief Executive Officer - Colliers International

“The Business Executive Network has allowed me to meet with people on a similar level to myself and discuss issues that make me feel comfortable about what we are doing in our business. I find it invaluable.”

Vojtech Zehnalek
Country Manager - In.Corp Vietnam

“I enjoy being a part of the Business Executive Network as a great connection to fellow corporate leaders, and to join insightful discussions over the critical business topics.”

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