Business Executive Network Golf Tournament

The 21st of January 2021 marked the date of the Business Executive Network’s Inaugural Golf Tournament at the Jeonsang Country Club, Dong Nai.

After a 30-minute boat trip from District 1 to Dong Nai, the teams teed off on a picture-perfect Thursday afternoon at the pristine course and country club venue. 10 teams competed in this 4 ball scramble format. We had great prizes on offer, and topped off with a gala awards dinner, door gifts, and lucky draw prizes. The atmosphere and energy we felt from all participants were unparalleled. Clearly, no other event that we have ever done has caused the same level of excitement and anticipation for the next one as this golf tournament.

Many thanks to Mark Khan and everyone who made the day possible!

To find out how to join us for the next Business Executive Network Golf Tournament, contact us at:

How CEOs Can Improve Organizational Performance in Vietnam

The Business Executive Network was delighted to welcome three of our experienced members, Gary Malcolm, Managing Partner of LHH Vietnam; Marco Civardi, the Area Managing Director for Maersk; and Warrick Cleine, Chairman & CEO of KPMG Vietnam to join this March panel discussion at Le Méridien Hotel. The discussions were engaging, intimate, and overall a pleasure to be involved in (read more on page 16).

Special thanks to Gary, Marco, and Warrick for leading such an important discussion.

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