On the 11th of November 2023, Virtue Partners, in collaboration with Aston Martin Ho Chi Minh City, orchestrated a launch event that transcended the boundaries of traditional product launches.

Held at the prestigious Aston Martin showroom in Ho Chi Minh City, the launch event was not just a celebration of cooperation but a testament to the successful collaboration between Virtue Partners and Aston Martin Ho Chi Minh City. The focal point of the event? The unveiling of Virtue Partner’s latest wealth offering, “Genesis.”

Genesis – Breaking down the barriers to wealth creation with security in mind

Genesis, Virtue Partner’s latest wealth offering from our regulated and licensed fund principal, is more than just an excellent wealth creation tool. Being highly regulated and licensed, Genesis exemplifies trust and reliability – crucial attributes in the world of wealth management.

With its market-leading performance, exceptional risk-mitigating strategies as well as having exceptionally strong counter-parties listed on the Singapore Exchange built into its architecture, Genesis has garnered significant attention from business leaders and investors in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region, raising an excess of USD15 million within just three weeks of launch in Singapore.

Virtue Partners Vietnam also benefits from an Investment Advisory license, that allows us to provide financial investment advisory services, among other licenses we possess.

Over 35 distinguished business leaders and high-level C-suite executives were invited to this private event, creating an atmosphere of sophistication and shared success. The Aston Martin Ho Chi Minh City showroom provided a sophisticated backdrop for the unveiling of Genesis, reflecting the core of our clientele base – highly successful, high-net-worth individuals who appreciate sophistication and unique solutions.

What sets this event apart is the genuine friendship and synergistic vision shared between the senior leadership of Virtue Partners Vietnam and the management of Aston Martin Ho Chi Minh City. Beyond the formalities of business collaboration, this partnership is rooted in a shared commitment to mutual growth and success. Our close friendship has allowed for a seamless integration of our respective expertise, creating an environment where both businesses work synergistically in each other’s best interest. This close bond and aligned mindset to create win-win outcomes has been an instrumental cornerstone to the successful launch of Genesis.

Attendees were not only treated to a firsthand look at Genesis but were also given the exclusive opportunity to test drive the Aston Martin DBX—a symbol of automotive prowess—and admire the sleek lines of the Aston Martin DB11. Adding to the allure of the afternoon were our esteemed event partners, who brought their own touch of sophistication to the launch event. King’s Group, H.Ellius London, and QuaWins Wine and Spirits provided additional resources to make the launch a well-rounded event that allowed our guests to experience luxury from fine automobiles to 18-year-old whiskies.

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