Executive Chairman – Grant Thornton Limited

Ken started his career in London with a merchant bank after completing a BA (Econ) Hons degree in Economics, Accountancy and Law. After 7 years, Ken joined a Scandinavian merchant bank, which took him to over 40 countries, which was the start of his career in Asia. Ken set up his own consulting business in 1983 and moved to Vietnam in 1990.

When Ken moved his business and life here, he told us he was attracted to the friendliness of the Vietnamese people, their work ethic, and the potential for development. He now focuses his career on independent directorships and board advisory positions. Ken is also one of the few foreigners to have been granted the right to hold dual nationality in Vietnam, so he has a Vietnamese ID and passport as well as his British one.

Ken has been married for 12 years and has a 5-year-old son. He likes the occasional game of golf, but says his primary hobbies are limited to work and CSR.

“I enjoy being part of the Network and the Peer group sessions, which enables the sharing of experiences and being able to add value to discussions. It is great to meet senior business leaders from a number of sectors.”

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