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It’s fantastic to see Vietnam gradually return to some form of normalcy postpandemic and be able to have face-to-face meetings and events again. It’s also exciting to see many new members who have joined us in recent months.

It’s a pleasure to send you this latest instalment of [C] Vietnam which would not be possible without our team of contributors, regular columnists, support staff and advertisers. Special thanks also to Managing Editor Brett Davis and Deputy Editor Christine Van for bringing this publication to you.

As always, we strive to bring a diverse range of opinions and knowledge of a wide variety of topics that are specific to Vietnam but also have relevance wherever you may be in the world.

This is particularly so in our cover story this issue, where we examine the rise of the modern CEO and draw on numerous sources to see if there is a common thread in what makes some leaders truly, as Tom Wolfe famously termed, ‘masters of the universe’.

Elsewhere, Irene Ohler, Executive Coach, author, and Co-Chair of the AmCham Women in Leadership Committee, writes on the accomplished women in business in Vietnam and how organisations can best foster female talent. There is also a revealing and honest profile of Michele Wee, CEO of Standard Chartered Bank Vietnam. She talks about her inspiring journey of self-reliance as a young woman in Singapore and shares her thoughts on a style of leadership she dubs the ‘servant leader’.

I also report on a recent online Members’ Meeting where our panel discussed the importance of honest and effective feedback and how CEOs can create a strong feedback culture within their organizations to create conditions for successful collaboration.

Two of our regular contributors, Michael Tatarski and Michael Arnold, respectively report on the outlooks for Vietnam’s tourism industry and the local supply chain challenges in the country. Finally, several business leaders from our executive community have written our columns, covering their specialised topics ranging from legal matters, branding and economics to health and personal wealth management.

We hope you enjoy this edition and hope to see you at a Business Executive Network event soon.

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