[C] Vietnam is the journal of the Business Executive Network. We are an independent and professional network of executives based in Vietnam. It is our mission to support our members through their many challenges and help them grow as leaders as well as individuals.

[C] Vietnam will provide compelling content on doing business in Vietnam, executive thought leadership, industry analysis across sectors and much more. Distributed quarterly to the leading CEOs across the country, it has an elite and influential readership.

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Victor Burrill

Chairman & Chief Connecting Officer

Tim Burrill

Membership Manager and Executive Assistant

Benjamin Giroux

Business Development Manager

Molly Headley-Benkaci

Managing Editor

Huong (Helen) Nguyen

Content Coordinator

Son Vu

Art Director


[C] Vietnam is distributed to all Business Executive Network members, who represent organizations in an array of industry sectors. These business leaders are in charge of enterprises of 50 employees or more, with almost 60 percent heading up companies with over 250 staff. Three-quarters of these enterprises are located in Ho Chi Minh City.

In addition, [C] Vietnam is distributed in physical and electronic form to 6,000 business leaders who also fit this profile, making the readership of the publication one of the most influential in Vietnam.

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